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All approved applicants will enjoy special benefits by the Government for this unique program. The incentives/benefits include :
1) You will receive a 10-year Social Visit Pass and Multiple-Entry Visa
2) After 10 years, it is guaranteed renewable if you didnt violate the laws & rules of Malaysia.
3) During these 10 years, you are free to stay in Malaysia and travel as often as you like.
4) You can import your car or purchase a new car (CKD) tax-free. It is a great savings.
5) School going children will be giving student pass to further their studies at international colleges and universities.
6) Allow to employ a maid.
7) You can be an investor and own businesses in Malaysia.
8) For housing loan, you can obtain up to 80% as compared to normal 60% for foreign applicants (subject to credibility).
9) No need to obtain Foreign Investment Committee (FIC) approval for purchasing properties in Malaysia.
10) Oversea income is not taxable in Malaysia. Under this programme, for those countries that have a double taxation agreement with Malaysia, your private pension fund remitted to Malaysia is exempted from tax.
13 / 02 /2009 In line with the Immigration Circular No. 6 of 2009, the following improvements have been made to the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme ...
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