Aussie Show Interest In ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ Programme
Bernama - Thursday, August 20
MELBOURNE, Aug 20 - Tourism Malaysia here has received several inquiries about Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) since the visit of Datuk Kee Phaik Chee last month to promote the programme in Australia.
Kee, a member of Tourism Malaysia Board of Directors, also held roadshows in Sydney and Perth, explaining the advantages of MM2H to Australian lawyers, travel agents, retirees, former armed forces personnel and accountants.
Tourism Malaysia Melbourne director Putra Hilmy Elias said the MM2H concept was new to Australians and more work had to be done to push the project.
"Datuk Kee's presentation was excellent and the people who attended her sessions were very impressed," he said.
"Australia and Malaysia are two fantastic countries and Aussies can enjoy the best of both worlds if take up the MM2H offer.
"Aussies know of Malaysia's high standard of living; goods and services are cheaper in Malaysia. We have high quality medical facilities, good infrastructure and a good transport system.
"Domestic help is available, something Australians cannot afford in their own country."
Putra said Australians love Malaysian cuisine. "It is our forte," he said.
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