MM2H Participants Allowed To Work
The Star
WE wish to thank “Zari Malaysiana” for the suggestion “Let MM2H people share expertise” (Sunday Star, May 17).
The Tourism Ministry is pleased to inform that the Government shares the writer’s view and recognizes the potential contribution from the wealth of experience and expertise of Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) participants.
Towards this end, the terms and conditions of the MM2H programme have been improved to allow participants to work since February 2009. This is applicable to MM2H participants aged 50 and above, who are allowed to work part-time in critical sectors of the economy so as to meet any skills gap or shortage of human capital.
MM2H participants can apply for permission to work through their prospective employers. The employer is required to submit pertinent information on the applicant, the position offered, the work schedule as well as justification for the appointment to Malaysia My Second Home Centre for consideration of the Expatriate Committee, Immigration Department of Malaysia.
The MM2H programme not only benefits the property sector but also leads to increases in demand for a wide range of services such as food, transport and travel, entertainment, health and education.
However, the relaxation of conditions to allow MM2H participants to work has an added advantage as they can contribute directly towards sharing their knowledge and expertise to enhance the productive capacity and competitiveness of the economy.
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