Visa For Non-working Spouses Too
By Pauline Puah
PETALING JAYA: Both working and non-working foreign spouses of Malaysians living in the country will be given a five-year visa, said Immigration Department director general Datuk Wahid Mohd Don.
Yes, the visa is also applicable to non-working foreign spouses, he told theSun.
Last Thursday, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, who heads the Cabinet Committee on Tourism, announced that foreigners married to Malaysians will be granted a fiveyear visa instead of the current visa which has to be renewed annually.
The change is meant to promote tourism and tap the skills and expertise of these foreign spouses.
As the visa will be issued under the Spouse Programme, the objective of which is to allow foreigners married to Malaysians to work in this country, some confusion has arisen as to whether the five-year visa is also applicable to non-working spouses.
The Expat magazine managing director Andy Davison said the announcement was indeed good news for foreign spouses.
Before this, some were very unhappy as they were not given even a one-year visa, but only a six-month visa, he said.
Alex Ong, a Malaysian whose Indonesian wife is a top management officer in the hotel industry, said the new policy would save them a lot of hassle as they need not renew the visa annually.
This will also certainly give more security to foreign spouses and their employers as they can secure a job better, he said.
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